Hannah contacted me while I was out hiking in Washington with a good friend of mine, Jordan Voth. She had told me she wanted a longer video than the ones I typically make, but she put her full trust in me that I would get the job done. I was honored and excited at the opportunity to work with such a young, fun, and positive couple. I offered to take some engagements pictures for them as my way of thanking them for trusting me to do something for them that I wasn’t used to do doing. This was also the first wedding that I got to shoot with my brother helping me out and he did an amazing job. There will be more to come from us. This was such a beautiful wedding to be a part of. The people, the environment in which it took place, and the vendors all were amazing to work with and it allowed me to truly capture the emotions and fun of this amazing day. Thank you so much Hannah + Peyton, and congratulations!

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